It’s quite surprising how quickly we have reached the second half of 2020. As we write this blog, in September, we are just four months away from the dawn of 2021. We’ve lived through five months of uncertainty with the Coronavirus outbreak already. Although time passed slowly at first, it feels to us that momentum has certainly gathered over recent weeks. Before we know it, Halloween will have been and gone and the next John Lewis Christmas advert (and its spin offs) will be flooding our homes.

We know that 2020 has been different for so many businesses. Lockdown made us slow down. Whether you took the opportunity to work ON your business or not, it’s important that you don’t continue in a sleepy state of the unknown for much longer.

Now really is the time to take action in your business so that your business does achieve success in 2020. The year may not have started how you planned but this doesn’t mean that goals can’t be achieved.

We’ve highlighted five key areas which we believe business owners need to be focusing on now.


1. Redefine those business goals

Whatever your business, you’ve probably had to pivot what you offer or how you operate to at least soften the blow of Covid19. At worst you’ve been paralysed and you’ve had to scale back on costs as much as possible. It’s time to draw a line in the sign and revisit the goals you had for 2020. Don’t look back at what you’ve potentially lost, look forward to what is still achievable. Defining those business goals will help you to keep focus in this short window.

2. Review your target market

If you’ve spent time understanding and personifying your target market, it’s important to look at how Covid19 may have introduced some new audiences to you. For example, in the gardening sector we have seen an increase in new gardeners and they are typically a younger demographic than our previous market. And they are big online shoppers, not typical garden centre visitors!

3. Check relevancy of your products or services

Check that your products or services are still relevant to the target market you are selling to – it’s important to understand how their needs and wants may have changed as a result of Covid-19. No doubt you’ve seen lots of businesses invest to have their products and services available online, from tea rooms and restaurants to yoga classes. This may or may not be a permanent change but it’s a great way to fulfill demand whilst travel and physical interaction is restricted.

4. Test your message

Remember that Covid-19 has disrupted ‘normality’ in a way that nobody has seen before. There are some long-term if not permanent changes to our daily lives now. Our priorities have changed and therefore the messaging we tune into is now quite different. Hygiene, cleanliness, safety, home. These words are strong and emotive.

5. Review previous campaigns

Take time out to consider and identify what marketing activities and campaigns worked well previously – chances are they will still work now. Remember you do not need to reinvent the wheel because change has happened. Tweaks may be required but overall, if a previous message and its delivery returned a great result for you, it’s because you put the time and research into knowing your target market.

We hope that your market or industry hasn’t been disrupted too much in recent months. Our five points above will help you to refocus if you’re feeling overwhelmed or a bit stuck – sometimes we just need a nudge in the right direction and off we go!

If you have any questions about what we’ve suggested or maybe you recognise that a helping hand from an experienced team would be a great investment, then simply get in touch.

Call Paula now, on 07500 225293 for a no obligation chat on what you can do to make sure your business enters 2021 in the best shape.