In 2023, Irish-based garden care company Hygeia faced a pivotal moment as they sought to make a mark at the GLEE exhibition in the UK. Lacking a UK marketing team, they turned to PP8 Marketing to serve as their voice and strategic partner.

With no local marketing team, Hygeia needed a partner to navigate the complexities of GLEE. Effective communication and coordination across borders were crucial, necessitating a partner with UK industry expertise.  Maria O’Donnell, Marketing Manager @ Hygeia says, “I had an existing working relationship with Carrie so I knew we would work well together. I also knew Paula had great experience in the industry.”

PP8 Marketing played a pivotal role in crafting and organising press articles, generating anticipation around Hygeia’s NEW organic indoor liquid plant feed and outdoor granular feeds as well as their presence at GLEE. They took charge of planning and building Hygeia’s stand, coordinating marketing efforts at the NEC, and representing the company at the prestigious Garden Press Event.

The meticulous planning of Hygeia’s exhibition space at GLEE and the coordination of marketing efforts demonstrated PP8 Marketing’s commitment to ensuring a seamless and impactful presence.  At the Garden Press Event, PP8 Marketing not only helped organise the stand but also acted as the face of Hygeia at the event, engaging with industry professionals and creating valuable connection for their new UK Sales Manager.

The best part about working with PP8 Marketing is the open communication and regular updates. There were some challenges as we are operating in a different geographic, but the clear communication kept us in the loop at all times. If you are looking for support in the garden care industry, PP8 Marketing is a great option and lovely people too.

Maria O’Donnell, Hygeia

The collaboration between Hygeia and PP8 Marketing emphasized the importance of strategic marketing partnerships in successfully addressing geographical challenges. The seamless coordination, standout exhibition presence, and press coverage collectively contributed to heightened brand visibility and increased engagement. This case study serves as a testament to the efficacy of well-coordinated partnerships in successfully navigating and prospering in competitive industry events.

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