At PP8 Marketing, we support you in crafting stands that not only attract your target customer, but leaves them with an unforgettable experience too. In our 30 years’ experience, we’ve managed the design, construction and implementation of countless exhibition stands, so we have the practical knowledge your next event needs. We specialise in every aspect, from pinpointing the ideal events for optimum return on investment to orchestrating and managing your stand with finesse.

Our dedicated team meticulously researches and targets events tailored to your audience, ensuring your budget is spent in the right places. Only then do we start to design a compelling stand and visitor experience. From concept to execution, we handle every detail, creating immersive spaces that engage your audience and leave a lasting impression.

Our service is more than simply managing your event on the day. We help you to amplify your presence before and after, creating anticipation with your potential customer, curating an unforgettable experience for them. Our years of experience mean the execution of your event is flawless.

Choose PP8 Marketing for events that drive results and leave a lasting impact. We’ll transform your presence at events into a powerful marketing tool.

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