If you hear the term direct mail and imagine mass produced, generic flyers flopped on your doormat then this blog is for you. What you’re recalling there is junk mail. Direct mail, when done correctly, gives a whole different experience.

How digital marketing impacted direct mail

It’s no secret that the rise of digital marketing led to a decrease in direct mail. Digital channels were new and exciting, and on the face of it more cost effective. Digital marketing felt more instant in comparison, perhaps even more measurable. Marketing teams moved their budgets into online campaigns. Many even commented that direct mail was ‘dead’.

That remained true for a while but then everything went online. We use social media for work and play. Our downtime is played out online. We now need to go offline to switch off.

Too much of any one thing is not good. We are bombarded with messages; interwoven into our social profiles and the websites we visit. In 2017, the average American saw 4,000-10,000 ads daily. Canada Post also published data which showed that direct mail requires 21% less cognitive effort as compared to the effort taken to read an email.

Today we see better return and response from direct mail. The Direct Mail Information Service (DMIS) regularly publish response rate survey data. Their research has found that 60% of direct mail is opened, and 40% is read.

Why you need a marketing mix

My ethos has always been that an integrated approach to marketing communications works best. Spreading your message across different channels gives you a greater opportunity to be seen.

Drip feeding them messages in the right place at the right time means they can digest and process as they move through the buyer journey. They start to recognise your brand because you have cut through the noise.

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How to integrate direct mail into your marketing

A perfect place to start is to map out the buyer journey from being a cold prospect, totally unaware, through to a warm, qualified lead. Annotate the journey with your existing touch points and which channel they come through. Look at the activity you’re currently doing and consider:

  • Are there any touchpoints where the buying experience would be enhanced by using direct mail (over digital)
  • Are there gaps or obvious opportunities where direct mail could surprise or delight the customer during this purchase
  • Where your lowest conversion points are and how direct mail could assist moving the lead through to the next stage

It’s about quality and experience

A piece of direct mail doesn’t need to be brash, covered head to toe with call-to-actions and logos. It can also be something more substantial than a letter. A well-thought-out message presented on in good quality packaging will work far better. A LinkedIn post I shared about this topic received the comment “your brand in their hand.” It’s exactly that!

It’s about the customer experience of receiving your communication, discovering its purpose and enjoying the moment. I feel fortunate to have experienced working on innovative, creative papers for design and luxury packaging during my time at ArjoWiggins. It’s provided me with a passion for beautiful paper and design.

A great example is the recent Coronation Invitation. It was designed by Andrew Jamieson, a heraldic artist and manuscript illuminator. The detail in the design is tremendous, from the Green Man, symbolic of spring and rebirth in British folklore, through to the British wildflower meadow borders. What made this beautiful invitation so special is that it was printed on recycled card. Did it feel any less valuable or prestigious? No.

Let’s bring your direct mail to life

If you want to bring direct mail into your marketing mix but you’re not entirely sure how, I can help. I’ve been helping my clients to create more integrated approaches to their marketing for many years. You don’t have to try and figure this out on your own.

Let’s have an initial discussion about your business and go from there.

Call 07500 225293 email paula@pp8marketing.com

May 16th, 2023

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